Felicity Marlow

Felicity is an exemplary leader in Christian Education. With responsibility for the leadership and strategic direction of Norwest and Ngarra Christian Colleges, Felicity has been Principal since 2019, having previously been Deputy, and has over 20 years of experience in various Independent and Christian schools across Sydney. Felicity is passionate about leading staff and students in the application of clear Christ-centred thinking and good educational practice, and in building staff and student capacity, whilst honouring God-given individuality. These are qualities Felicity believes are foundational to a truly Christ-centered education.

As an Evangelical Christian, Felicity is very passionate about ensuring young people know their value in Christ and that they each have a God-given purpose. Felicity and has been instrumental in the continued development of Norwest’s unique teaching and learning framework Building Purposeful Lives, where students are encouraged to Love God, Pursue Purpose, and Build Capacity.

External to Norwest, Felicity is a member of the NSW State Alliance Leadership Team for Christian Schools Australia (CSA), has been pivotal in establishing and developing the Sydney Christian Schools Teaching Hub, as well as a number of educational networks, including the CSA Greater-Sydney Principal’s Network, the CSA Teaching and Learning Community of Practice, and the Network of Powerful Learning Communities. Felicity is also a member of HICES and AHISA.

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