Eliane Miles

Eliane Miles is a social researcher, strategist, and trends analyst.  She is the founder of The Curious Co, an insights and strategy consultancy that delivers practical strategic direction to clients across a wide range of industries. She has helped some of the world’s largest brands gain insights for growth, engage more deeply with customers and build brand credibility.

As a social researcher, Eliane has delivered over 100 keynotes, strategy sessions, and executive workshops across multiple continents. A regular media commentator, Eliane has featured on ABC The Drum, 9News, SBS, and 7News as well as on radio, print and in online media.

Prior to entering the world of strategy and research, Eliane gained a degree in Christian theology and served as youth and young adults pastor in Sydney. She and her young family are actively involved in their local church in northern NSW, where they now reside. Eliane’s mission is to create clarity from complexity and equip leaders to make active, confident decisions for tomorrow.

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