Dave Adamson

In 2008 Dave became one of the first online pastors in the world.  He has grown and led online communities of more than 80,000 people each week at two of Outreach Magazine’s largest churches in the US,including Andy Stanley’s North Point Ministries, where he was the social media pastor from 2013 to 2020.  He has worked with churches and ministries around the world as a social media and digital ministry consultant, helping them develop strategies for online ministry, social media and YouTube.

Now, as the Orange Director for Australia and New Zealand, he also partners with 200+ churches in Australia and NZ, connects lead and senior pastors with reThink Leadership, works with North Point Partner churches in Australia, and creates online and digital strategies and masterclasses for 10,000+ churches around the world.

One of his other priorities is to identify, vet, and develop Australian speakers to be local voices for Orange Conference, reThink Leadership Conference, and Orange Tour in Australia.

When he’s not doing all this, he’s probably researching the 1st century cultural context of Jesus and Hebrew words for my daily Instagram devotions, and YouTube channel.

Dave has written three books, 52 Hebrew Words Every Christian Should Know, and Chasing The Light, and most recently MetaChurch - How to Use Digital Ministry to Reach More People and Make Disciples.

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