Bella Taylor Smith

Crystalline and intimate, endlessly supple and warm, Bella Taylor-Smith's extraordinary voice has become one of the most identifiable new sounds on the Australian airwaves in a remarkably short space of time. The immersive six track EP ‘Look Me In The Eyes’ is layered like clouds to create her deepest embrace yet.

Growing from the alt-folk influence of Angus and Julia Stone and the Audreys to the soulful ilk of Yebba, H.E.R. and Adele, Bella forged her identity as a vocalist and songwriter over two EPs in 2021. The independent Tell Me How You Really Feel? preceded her debut with EMI Australia, The Complete Collection. Bella's first single, Higher, charted in the ARIA Top 40 last September.

Bella’s third EP ‘Look Me In The Eyes’ debuted at #4 in ARIA Aus Albums Chart, earning Bella her first ARIA Award nomination (Michael Gudisnki Breakthrough Artist) as she continued to wow packed stadiums around Australia on both the Guy Sebastian and Pentatonix national tours. Sealed by the renowned studio expertise of co-producer Scott Horscroft (Ocean Alley, Sarah Blasko, Olympia, Vera Blue), Look Me In The Eyes is an assured and enveloping experience from one of our most skilled and focused new voices.

"I'm really passionate about music being intentional," Bella says, "writing words that create a safe space for people to come to their own conclusions and for music to be something that is therapeutic and allows healthy processing.

I hope people from all walks of life will find a place to heal, grieve  and think about what’s going on in their lives when they listen to these songs and find a warm, welcoming and safe space of vulnerability and honesty."

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