Free Webinar with Hollywood Actress Sam Sorbo

Free Webinar with Hollywood Actress Sam Sorbo

If you're a Christian woman in the creative arts, entertainment or media industries, this webinar is for you.

Women working in creative media are invited to a free webinar on June 2 hosted by Kathleen Cooke, and featuring guest speaker Sam Sorbo, Hollywood actress, author, producer, model and talk show host.

The webinar, titled Creating Media that Feeds the Soul, will inspire you in creating content that brings hope, life and God’s love to a world looking for answers.

If you’re a woman working in radio, film, TV, or the digital media space, this session is for you.

Learn from Sam’s decades of experience producing films, TV and radio alongside her husband, actor and producer Kevin Sorbo.

The Sorbos are best known as producers of the acclaimed film Let There Be Light in 2017. Sam also writes and speaks on home education, and regularly appears across the USA at live events and in the media speaking on education, culture, politics, and religion.

Kathleen Cooke is wife of Hollywood producer Phil Cooke, and the founder of ‘Influence Women’, an organisation with a vision to empower Christian women around the world to influence the spheres of media and entertainment.

The webinar is live from LA at 10:30am on Friday, June 2nd, AEST (Sydney time). Register on the Influence Women website.

Find out more about the work of Influence Women at

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