WIN a Double Pass to see Son of the South

WIN a Double Pass to see Son of the South

Win tickets to this period biopic about a Klansman's grandson who embraces the fight against racial injustice in the sixties.

Set during the sixties civil rights movement, Son of The South is based on the true story of Bob Zellner (Lucas Till), a Klansman's grandson, who is forced to face the rampant racism of his own culture.

Defying his family and white Southern norms, he embraces the fight against social injustice, repression and violence to change the world he was born into. Executive

Son of the South stars Lucas Till (MacGuyver, X-Men), Cedric the Entertainer, Julia Ormond, and the late Brian Dennehy. Written, edited, and directed by Barry Alexander Brown, and Produced by Spike Lee, the film is based on Bob Zellner's autobiography "The Wrong Side of Murder Creek: A White Southerner in the Freedom Movement"


To win a double pass to Son of the South simply visit the list of screenings and tell us in the form below what cinema from this list you would see the film at if you win a Double Pass!

Competition closes Friday May 7th

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