Tear Australia Renames to Tearfund

Tear Australia Renames to Tearfund

The renaming helps to strengthen ties to the Global Tearfund Family.

Christian agency TEAR Australia is renaming itself to Tearfund, reflecting its closer ties with the 10 other member countries in the Tearfund family in its global fight against poverty and injustice. Recognising the enormous global challenges such as COVID-19, the unfolding climate crisis and systemic poverty, it believes a global response from the church is vital to bring about a positive change in working towards a just and compassionate world.

The change means Tearfund in Australia will work closer with the worldwide Tearfund family, bringing together the capacity and strength of all its agencies to tackle these challenges.

Matthew Maury, CEO at Tearfund Australia says, “This is an exciting new chapter for us. Our vision for a just world requires us to look beyond our national boundaries and work more closely, in partnership, as a family of agencies on a global scale to end poverty. Together, this is how we tackle injustice. Working as a global family also represents a biblically shaped counter-narrative to the trend towards nationalism. It reflects the belief that the call to ‘love our neighbour’ is not constrained or defined by geographic boundaries.

He continues, “In this current context, where the world is becoming more and more polarised, it is imperative that we find ways to collaborate more effectively for greater impact. Working in partnership with the worldwide Tearfund family we’ll be able to do just that as we seek to break down the systems which create poverty – be it through our international development projects, our advocacy work, or our community engagement programmes here in Australia.  It also means we can gain efficiencies and ensure more of every dollar donated gets to the communities for which it is intended.”

For decades Tearfund Australia has impacted the lives of millions of people and communities experiencing poverty in some of the world’s hardest and most challenging places.  During this time, it has championed more and better aid, calling on the government to act fairly towards its global neighbours, challenging Australian Christians about faith and consumerism, while also campaigning for action on climate change.

Maury adds, “Together we remain committed to serving Jesus where the need is greatest; and although our name has changed, our work and passion to serve the world’s most vulnerable has not… we’re really looking forward to building on the rich heritage of shared theology, shared values and a commitment to local Christian partners that will enable us to drive hope and deliver lasting change in places of great need.”

As part of the Tearfund family, Tearfund Australia’s vision for a just and compassionate world is as clear and strong as ever, continuing to work on global solutions for global challenges. What began nearly 50 years ago as a small group of Christians passionate about pursuing Biblically shaped responses to poverty and injustice, has now become a movement of more than 50,000 Christians in Australia and millions more worldwide.

Click here to find out more information about Tearfund and learn more about its changes.

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