Salesforce Administrator - Alpha Australia

Salesforce Administrator - Alpha Australia

This position is Full Time with an option for at least 3 Days Part Time. You can be located anywhere, but preferably in Melbourne.


Organisational Accountabilities

  • Operate as a member of the team and contribute to a positive workplace culture across the organisation.
  • Collaborate with key internal and external stakeholders in support of Alpha Australia's Mission and Vision and comply with Commonwealth and State Legislation.


Salesforce Administrator experience strongly desired, including:

  • Overseeing flows of work through Salesforce, enabling the team to make the most effective use of Salesforce
  • Support the team to use complex reports and dashboards, through training and creation
  • Improvements to data quality processes and oversight of data quality
  • Permissions management
  • Overseeing sharing rules, data visibility and role hierarchies
  • Improvements to page layouts
  • Management of packages
  • Interaction with international Alpha salesforce team
  • Duplicate and Matching rules management
  • User accounts and profile management
  • Managing objects and formula fields
  • Process automation through Flows, Process Builder or Workflow Rules

Process management

  • Where appropriate, create and update standard operating procedures
  • Manage pipelines and processes within Salesforce
  • Ensure the process of data flow is optimal

Team building

  • Operating within Jira request platform along with other team members to help support the rest of the team
  • Contribute to knowledge management
  • Partake in training the team through supporting continued professional development

Budget parameters

  • Work within the ICT and Operations budget efficiently and ensure all activities fall within budget parameters

Reporting / Meetings

  • Identify, analyse, and report on data related to the performance of projects, campaigns, and activities to the NCM Manager as requested
  • Assist with the maintenance of operational and marketing and communications databases and ensure Salesforce provides monthly reports


  • Occasional checks on content updates in WordPress Alpha registration system
  • Any other duties as directed by the Operations Director commensurate with the scope of this position


Qualifications, Abilities and Experience

  • Relevant Salesforce qualifications
  • Trailhead badges
  • Data quality management
  • Good organisational and ┬átime management skills, able to manage multiple priorities and projects
  • Knowledge, experience and understanding of organisational effectiveness and Operations management
  • Understanding of the Australian church landscape

Personal Attributes

  • Highly organised, demonstrating outstanding ability to streamline processes and deliver integrated technology solutions
  • Innovative, enthusiastic, self-motivated, and proactive hands-on approach
  • An eye for detail and seeing where improvements can be made
  • Open-minded and looking for continuous improvement
  • Commitment to the values and mission of Alpha Australia including a desire to reach people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ
  • Good interpersonal skills and ability to relate well to all levels of the organisation
  • High attention to detail and commitment to high-quality outcomes
  • Problem-solving skills
  • A team player
  • Well-developed organisational and time management skills along with the ability to be flexible and respond quickly to changing priorities
  • The ability to relate to and respect people from a variety of churches and faiths.


Email Candace Alphine - with your Cover letter and CV attached - Subject: Salesforce Administrator Job Application

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