Relationships and Development Manager (Fundraising) - Lutheran Media Adelaide

Relationships and Development Manager (Fundraising) - Lutheran Media Adelaide

Assist with fundraising, promotion, content engagement, relationship pathways, and communication operations for Lutheran Media.

  • Salary package range of $77,000-$87,000 plus super on offer!
  • This is your chance to join a great team in a major community organisation!
  • Flexible working arrangements and weekly hours available to suit your lifestyle!


Messages of Hope

At Lutheran Media, we have been delivering Messages of Hope through our 1000 radio stations, TV, internet, social media since 1945 and we are now excited to welcome a skilled Relationship and Development Manager to help us drive our media presence and fundraising efforts.

Working with us will see you join an organisation and a team that genuinely values its people and is committed to providing a great work/life balance for them. We are proud to offer:

  • Work from home arrangements.
  • Relocation costs for those making the move to our beautiful city.
  • Flexible weekly hours of 0.8-1.0 Full Time Equivalent based on your needs.
  • A competitive salary range of $77,00-$87,000 + Superannuation.
  • Dedication to helping you grow your skills and experience across our Church.

We invite you to join our community and help us bring Love to Life across Australia.

Bringing Hope through Media

In this role you will assist and work with our Media Director to develop, plan, manage and enact the fundraising, promotion, content engagement, relationship pathways, and communication operations for Lutheran Media. This is a pivotal role in our organisation where you will design and drive how we present ourselves to the community and to donors while being a champion for our mission to everyone you engage with.

The key areas you will be involved in day-to-day can include:

  • Fundraising: The development and management of fundraising plans and process for donations.
  • Donors: Full management of the Donor pipeline, its growth and the management of relevant donor programs.
  • Marketing: The development of marketing and communication plans within and without the church including relevant content creation across a wide range of channels.
  • Strategy: Working closely with the Director in aligning the above with the overall strategy and success of the organisation.
  • Office Management: Supervise and coordinate office staff, volunteers and contractors while effectively managing your budget and expenditure.

Relationships are key to this role and your ability to effectively engage stakeholders within the fundraising, media and internally to the church will be the lynchpin to your success.

Our new Relationship and Development Manager

You will be an enthusiastic and friendly individual with a keen eye for establishing and building effective business and interpersonal relationships. Key experience will be proven fundraising, marketing and office management experience. You will be a skilled presenter with an electric personality and comfortable growing into and taking on more senior duties as the role develops.

Your initiative and ability to come up with and drive great ideas to achieve our goals will also be very crucial.

Some other key desirable skills that will enable your success are:

  • Sound Media Industry experience.
  • Confidence with a wide range of ICT platforms.
  • Keen understanding of social needs and trends in Australia and NZ.
  • Social Media Marketing experience.

You will need to be comfortable working as part of a religious organisation and able to work with and champion our mission and values as a Christian organisation.

For more information and to apply, go to:

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