Call to Prayer Website

Call to Prayer Website

Encouraging Australians to Pray for 19 minutes at 19:00 each day

On March 19th at 19:00 we launched the National Call to Prayer in Australia. Uniting together with national church leaders to encourage Australian Christians to pray in response to the Coronavirus the initiative was communicated and encouraged through broadcast members and churches.

“The Church is standing in the gap as COVID19 Virus causes chaos in every sphere of society, and fear has gripped the hearts and minds of people everywhere,” said ACC National President, Pastor Wayne Alcorn. “Current predictions of worldwide organisations such as W.H.O. are dire, should this pandemic not be stopped. We believe prayer changes things.”

He mentioned that he has been greatly encouraged by the unity and overwhelming support of every expression of the Australian Church. This National Prayer initiative is supported by the heads of Church denominations and Christian ministries


The 19 minutes of Prayer at 19:00 project saw thousands engage in prayer daily with 100 days of daily prayers completed on June 30.

Since that time, CMAA has continued working with the coalition of churches and individuals for regular prayer updates. These are available to use for Free by members and we hope you will encourage your listeners, viewers, staff and volunteers to join the prayer movement to provide hope and healing during this COVID-19 Pandemic.

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