NEW BOOK: Our Father

NEW BOOK: Our Father

Sydney songwriter Peter Tonna has written a new book on the character of God and how he relates to us titled 'Our Father'.

Peter Tonna has a strong passion for writing that makes a difference.

While his writing is usually found in songs that inspire and uplift, he has just released a new informational book that touches on some of the most searching questions about God.

Who is God? What is he like? Is he distant? Does he care?

Peter explains, "Yes, God is mysterious but when you look into the scriptures, the Bible, you see just how much God has revealed himself to humanity, especially through Jesus. There is more than enough scriptural evidence to show who God is, his character, and his concern and love for all of humanity.

God is not a distant deity that has zero interest in his creation. Quite the opposite, he very much wants to be involved in every aspect of our lives to the smallest detail."

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