National Day of Thanks Comes to a Close

National Day of Thanks Comes to a Close

After 16 years of the christian community rallying together in gratitude each year, this National Day is being laid to rest.

For the past 16 years the Australian Prayer Network has been the primary vision carrier of the National Day of Thanks. During that time there have been celebrations and events across the country, involving promotion and awareness through Christian Media, with the concept embraced by hundreds of Churches, and tens of thousands of individuals who rallied to impact their communities through the National Day of Thanks.

Sadly COVID-19 played a large part in arriving at the decision to bring the National Day of Thanks to an end, after 2020 cancelling most events and 2021 shaping up as a further difficult year for Churches and individuals to focus on community outreach.

The Board and Sponsors of the National Day of Thanks acknowledge that Christian radio became a crucial link between the vision carriers and the local communities in which each station serves. They express a deep and genuine level of appreciation for the championing work carried out by Christian Media, acknowledging that the past success has been largely due to media support and involvement.

While neither the Board or Sponsors have the resources to continue to commit to the National Day of Thanks, they do hope the concept of gratefulness will continue to be promoted, and that there may be a revival of an Australian Day of Thanks, well into the future.

CMAA would like to acknowledge and thank Brian Pickering, National Coordinator of the National Day of Thanks, and all those involved, for their commitment, effort and passion invested over the last 16 years. Your faithful service to this Thankfulness cause has undoubtedly had a positive impact in communities across our nation as a result.

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