Freelance Community - Story Strategist

Freelance Community - Story Strategist

Are you a Christian Freelancer with skills and expertise in Media and Arts - then this could be the community to be a part of!

Why creating a Freelancer Community is vital for our sector to thrive

By Jeanette Harris - Story Strategist

As we embarked on the creation of Story Strategist at the start of 2020, little did we know that our world (literally) was about to be hit by a COVID-19 pandemic like a tsunami. But rather than fail, business has thrived as we have enabled organisations to consolidate and reshape their organisation and brand offerings through marketing strategy, media content and online production.

We’ve embraced what has now become the “work from home office”, and have been able to employ team straight out of high school, university, as well as those living interstate and overseas. The future is bright for those who embrace change and innovation.

As a purposeful organisation, we continue to expand and grow, and have created a Freelancer’s Community database to enable us to work with like-minded people. We have work and career opportunities in the media and creative space all the time. Whether you’re a marketing professional, content creative, graphic designer, digital media professional, camera operator, photographer or more, we’d like to get to know you! And the exciting part is that you get to work and collaborate with purpose-driven, like-minded people.

Apply now to join the community today.

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