Help Shape the Future of Christian Communicators

Help Shape the Future of Christian Communicators

Your opportunity to make a tax-deductible investment in training the next generation of Christian leaders.

Christian media in our nation is at a strategic crossroads.  Over the last 10 years we have seen significant growth.

Using Christian radio as just one example...

  • In 2012, 600 communities had access to Christian radio across Australia.  Today that number is 786.
  • Weekly audience numbers have grown 35% to 1.89million Australians tuning in, and for more than 9 hours a week!

In context, Christian radio reaches more Australians each week than attend church each month!

What’s even more encouraging is that 22% do not affiliate with the Christian Faith and a further 11% say they follow another faith.  Yet, they are listening, and God is reaching them where they are at.

But these are not just numbers, they are individuals.  People like John, a listener to one of our station members.  He writes:

“Years of bullying and a job loss led me to being depressed and suicidal.  I had planned my exit, collected my car from the mechanic, and they’d put the radio onto the local Christian station.  A song came on.  It saved my life…the right song at the right time with the right words from the presenter… a miracle!”

It’s for people like John that we need to ensure we do all we can to raise up and train the next generation of leaders and communicators.

Our goal is to raise $83,000 specifically dedicated to training the next generation into 2024.

Your support this June will help power three important initiatives:

  1. Travel subsidies for those suffering financial hardship
    Training scholarships are vital to assist remote and small organisations attend CMAA training events and conferences. Our funding need for this initiative is $25,000.
  2. Filming a new Certificate 3 in Screen & Media course for online use.
    A new Training Program incorporating essential training in Christian worldview communication has been developed. To make this program accessible to far more individuals online, $38,000 is needed to film the course.
  3. Scholarships to NEXUS – a leadership program developing future leaders.
    The Next Generation Media Leadership Program (NEXUS) seeks to raise up tomorrow's leaders. The nine-month program provides emerging leaders with the tools and coaching they need to make a significant impact for the future. $20,000 in scholarships is needed for 2023.

CMAA has been amplifying Gospel Kingdom Impact through Christian Media+Arts for more than 40 years, empower our members in helping people find and rediscover faith in Jesus.  These training needs are designed to continue that mandate, raising up more frontline missionaries who have the opportunity to speak into the lives of more than 2 million Australians every week.

Thank you for prayerfully considering giving to this project this June.  Your donation will have a direct and lasting impact, shaping the future of Christian media and arts in Australia.

Together, let's train the next generation.

Give your tax-deductible donation here today

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