The CMAA Digital Hub
The CMAA Digital Hub

Providing members with high quality syndicated website content

The purpose of the CMA Digital Hub is to create positive content to share with your audiences, and to create sustainable revenue that can be invested back into your local organisations.  At the push of a button, any content available on the digital hub can be syndicated to your WordPress website.  Content can either be published to your website Live or in Draft mode for you to decide whether to publish or not.

Our aim is to create content to extend the time your audience spends interacting with your brand – instead of just listening to the radio in the car, we create an additional safe online portal for them to spend additional hours with.

Socially Sharable Content

CMAA is constantly developing socially shareable content for Members to help them engage their communities. Members are notified via a fortnightly 'On the Hub' email. 

 Contact for further details.