Q Commons Australia
Q Commons Australia

CMAA Convenes the Q Commons Coalition for Australia

Q Commons is a simulcast-style event that combines a global broadcast with live local elements to create an evening that is uniquely global and local.

Over the last few years Q Commons has been received by more than 40,000 individuals around the world.

Q Commons is a fast paced evening, filled with meaningful content and rich conversations, designed with intentional time to slow down, meet new people, and discuss the most important issues of our cultural moment. It presents an opportunity for local communities to gather and learn from a diverse group of leaders, discuss key cultural issues, and take steps toward advancing good in a local context.

 Q Commons is more than an event. 

The unique learning experience encourages communities to engage in difficult conversations, challenges attendees to stay curious, provides a setting for engaged citizens to become informed on matters of local importance, and learn how to think well, take action, and advance good in their communities.