Media and Arts Community Facebook Groups
Media and Arts Community Facebook Groups

Join one - join them all

CMAA convenes a number of Facebook Groups providing the ability for our community to connect, share and collaborate on a range of topics and issues. Current facebook groups include: 

The CMAA Community Hub - a space for open collaboration and sharing. 

Once a place just for members, it's now open to those in the christian media and arts community with an aim to continue to grow this group between members and others in this community. 

CMAA Members Only Webinars - invitations, alerts and links to resources

Updating you on the latest information on our regular webinars with professionals from the global media and arts community. 

CMAA Connect Women - supporting, connecting, mentoring and nurturing women in media.

Engaging with, and building a community of women, to find our voices and to become influential media communicators. 

Radio 2025 - This is a closed group for Members Only

For leaders, directors, boards and management of CMAA Member Organisations to collaborate, investigate outcomes from gatherins and symposiums, and share horizon thinking for the future. 

SPARC Screen Media Practitioners - providing a network to connect with other film and television professionals. 

A community of like-minded screen media professionals at every level where networking, sharing, job opportunities and questions can be shared with each other for Screen Media/Creators.

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