Online Radio Training at
Online Radio Training at

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Curated content from CMAA conferences and webinars with the aim of equipping you for greater influence in the public square. Challenging you to think, inspiring you to create, equipping and motivating you to speak.

See all videos here. Media - A Power for Good – is a professional on demand development training system for radio broadcasters that is world best practice, easy to implement and extremely cost effective. It is ideal as an induction and training system for new radio broadcasters with modules including:

  • Key Principles of radio
  • Understanding your audience
  • Elements of a radio program
  • Show preparation
  • Run Sheets
  • Planning and delivering voice breaks

And much more.

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12 months unlimited access starts at $11 a month!  ($132 a year) And friends and Members of CMAA receive a 15% discount when using the code CMA101AU

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