Grant Review Service
Grant Review Service

To review and align strategy to help improve outcomes for members applying for grants.

As a service to members, Christian Media & Arts Australia has established a Grant Review Group.

This Group has the core purpose to review and align strategy to help improve outcomes for members applying for grants.

This group provides advice and opinion only. The group is not a decision maker for grant providers, rather will seek to advise members based on knowledge of grant provider parameters, member capabilities and likelihood of successful outcomes of grant project implementation. All advice and opinion is given on a no liability, all care no responsibility basis.

Under no circumstances will the Group or CMAA be responsible for the outcome of any Grant Application, or for the implementing (or otherwise) of any strategy discussed or reviewed.

Grant Review Group Objectives:

To work with prospective grant Applicants on the strategy of their project. i.e. does it have legs, is it strategic, is it best use of funds, could there be a better way to arrive at the outcomes.

To provide alignment through helping define and refine project strategy so as to assist the greater needs and strategic direction of the sector and individual and collective members.

To review applications for grants, working with Applicants within the context of their strategic objectives.

To review member applications to grant providers at the request of the grant provider.

Grant Review Group Operations

The review process is as follows:

1. CMAA Members considering applying for a grant are encouraged to seek a review from the Group by email prior to their developing their grant request. Emails should be sent to

(Any review at this preliminary stage is at no cost to CMAA members; however, if further Group assistance is required, then a payment arrangement may then be negotiated through CMAA Member Services.)

2. Grants written by members will be reviewed for top line logic, strategic validity and alignment and likelihood of success with verbal and/or written top line response provided to the CMAA Member.

3. Verbal recommendation and option relating to approach, strategy, likelihood of success, implementation considerations and the like may be provided to members as part of the review process.

4. Final grant submissions are the responsibility of members.