Free Webinar: Who's in the Pews?

Free Webinar: Who's in the Pews?

Who really goes to Church today and what does that mean for ministry and mission?

What do we know about the people who go to church in Australia today? How old are they? What is their education level? What is their cultural background?

This free webinar will present a demographic picture of Australian churchgoers based on the results from the latest National Church Life Survey, plus practical reflections from a panel of ministry practitioners.

When: Thursday Sept 29, 11am (AEST)

Keynote Speaker: Dr Ruth Powell, Director, NCLS Research

Practitioner Panel :

  • Dr Coz Crosscombe, Anglican Diocese of Sydney
  • Aaron Fozzard, Queensland Baptists
  • Rev Dr Paul Goh, Uniting Church South Australia
  • Major Sandra McLean, The Salvation Army

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In this webinar you’ll discover:

  • Gender, age, educational profile and cultural diversity of Australian churchgoers
  • Practical ministry implications arising from the results, presented by a panel of experienced ministry practitioners

For more information, please contact Connie Lim at

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