Excelsia & Sydney Film School Award

Excelsia & Sydney Film School Award

Applications are closing soon for Australian and New Zealand students in Years 11 and 12 to win a full scholarship to a Bachelor of Screen Production!

Are you a budding filmmaker, screenwriter, director, or production manager?

Applications Close January 28 - LEARN MORE

The Excelsia & Sydney Film School Award is a new and prestigious film festival run by Excelsia College and Sydney Film School to give emerging talent an opportunity to develop and share their voice. The festival seeks deep and meaningful short films of 2-6 minutes from senior high school students expressing thematic content around the nature of morality, existence, spirituality, philosophy, reality and truth.

The winner of the festival is offered a full scholarship to study the Bachelor of Screen Production with Excelsia College & Sydney Film School. *


1st place: Full scholarship for the Bachelor of Screen Production
Runner up: Discounted units*


Submissions open: 4 October 2021
Submissions close:  28 January 2022
Winner announced: 4 February 2022

Submissions for the award are exclusively received through FilmFreeway which offers free HD online screeners, unlimited video storage and more.

In order for your entry to be valid, you must complete the following:

  1. Fill all required fields on each step of the entry form.
  2. Upload your completed short film. Incomplete films may not be accepted.
  3. Uploading a maximum 250-word rationale for the film.

Scholarship Information

A full scholarship will be given to the winner of the Excelsia & Sydney Film School Award and must be taken within 2 years of confirmation of award. The terms and conditions of the scholarship will be explained to the scholarship recipient.
For any questions regarding eligibility please contact the Screen Production Course Manager, Cameron Lyon at cameron.lyon@excelsia.edu.au

Visit here for more information about the award and scholarship.

About Sydney Film School

Sydney Film School was founded to teach the essential filmmaking ‘tools’ necessary for a successful career in the global film industry. It is an intense training experience where our students learn how to be filmmakers. Through producing and crewing a significant number of films, students gain both the skills to be employed by the industry and create their own productions. Since Sydney Film School’s inception, alumni have gone onto successful careers across the planet and create a network for new students to build relationships with.

About Excelsia College

Excelsia College, one of Australia’s leading Christian higher education providers, is an innovative and creative community of people, who are passionate about excelling and growing academically, professionally, personally and spiritually. Established in 1983 as a creative and performing arts college, Excelsia ensures its students and alumni embark on a journey of lifelong learning and leadership

*Visit this Link for more Terms and Conditions (found towards bottom of page)

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