Your invitation to partnership...

This is a significant cultural moment that will impact the future of our nation. It is a moment when partners like you can play a unique and vital role in equipping and unifying those at the coalface reaching and impacting lives, society and culture through media and the arts.

Giving to the CMAA Media Fund (ABN 40 186 072 378)

Media is the primary means of communication used to reach the vast majority of the Australian general public. It influences and affects the learned behaviours, beliefs, attitudes, values and ideals of Australian society and culture. Your investment as a CMAA Patron of Media will help move CMAA closer to our 2030 vision of seeing in excess of 50% of the Australian population reached through Christian media (currently 23%).

Your tax-deductible gift will help:

  • Increase the excellence of Christian Media in Australia
  • Advocate for an open public square where all views are treated with respect
  • Provide forums where constructive conversations about faith can be held
  • Grow the audience and footprint of member broadcasters
  • Create a legacy of sustainable Christian media
  • Build connection with churches
  • Champion the full cause of Christ

“We support CMAA because it is a unifying force amongst a diverse group of Christian media communicators and artists. As the dark clouds of cultural change gather, the need for strong, confident and unified Christian voices is increasing. This makes the work of CMAA even more critical.” – Phil Cooke, Cooke Pictures, USA

Giving to the CMAA Arts Fund  (ABN 75 530 896 245)

Your tax-deductible gift to support the work of CMAA through the Arts will help make our 10-year vision a reality in growing our Christian creative community to over 20,000 – impacting the fabric and framework of our society and culture.

Your investment will:

  • Impact culture for Christ through innovative arts pathways
  • Create catalyst forums
  • Empower a new generation of Christians in music, film and television
  • Provide promotion opportunities for the current 4500 Christian artists
  • Grow Christian virtues in the art world

“I believe movements like this can shape the entire direction of a nation, and even the legacy [this] generation will leave.” – Daniel - Christian Artist, Perth

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