Creative Director - Alpha Australia

Creative Director - Alpha Australia

This full-time position based in Sydney will see you responsible for the development and deployment of Alpha's visual identity and experience. Salary 80-100K

With the use of innovative problem solving, emotional intelligence, empathy and design-thinking, the Creative Director will enact strategic approaches to a variety of projects serving the Church in its mission of evangelisation.

Required Qualifications, Skills and Experience

  • Proven experience as a Creative Director or similar role
  • Relevant design qualifications. Minimum - Bachelor's degree in design or related field
  • Branding and art direction
  • UI UX Design
  • Proficiency in the Adobe Creative Suite and Google Workspace
  • Design thinking
  • Desired proficiency in Figma, Miro, Interactive Design

1 - Lead Creative direction:

  • Inspire internal team and external clients/stakeholders to dream, to think outside of the box, to get excited about the future, to see all the possibilities, and to embrace change and innovate
  • Own product/service experience and design creative strategy
  • Co-create project roadmap, budget and resource allocation with the Digital Director
  • Set the design objectives, scope, and brief for visual design, UX design, and UX research
  • Facilitate internal and external workshops using various design methodologies to problem solve and co-create
  • Market research, design and trend research
  • Analyse research, testings and workshop result data to identify gaps and opportunities to innovate
  • Create and deliver compelling design pitches and presentations to sell ideas
  • Create business reports to track growth and measure effectiveness
  • Mentor other designers and lead team culture
  • Identify learning and development plans for the design team as a whole and the individual designers

2 - Lead Visual Design including:

  • Ideation and concept creation
  • Visual identity for digital products/initiatives
  • User interface design for digital products
  • Art direction and graphic design for marketing campaigns

3 - Lead End-to-End Human-Centric User Experience Design and Research:

  • Create customer journey map, empathy map, personas
  • Facilitate UX workshops using various design & research methodologies
  • User experience design and information architect
  • Prototyping
  • Design and conduct user testing using various UX research methodologies to test product usability, accessibility, impression, etc.

4 - Reporting

Identify, analyse, and report on data related to the performance of projects, campaigns, and activities to the Digital Director as requested

5 - Other

Any other duties as directed by the Digital Director commensurate with the scope of this position

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