Increase in COVID-19 Positive Cases Overwhelms Bahamas Healthcare System

Increase in COVID-19 Positive Cases Overwhelms Bahamas Healthcare System

Samaritan’s Purse Australia has airlifted an Emergency Field Hospital to Nassau to increase their local care capacity

2020—At the request of the Bahamian Prime Minister, Samaritan’s Purse has deployed an Emergency Field Hospital to Nassau after an increase in COVID-19 cases has overwhelmed
the local healthcare system.

With more than 2,000 active cases across the islands, hospitals have been inundated with patients suffering from the coronavirus.

Princess Margaret Hospital in Nassau is full and they have shut down medical transfers from neighbouring islands. Samaritan’s Purse is coming alongside Bahamian healthcare workers, providing additional support as they continue the fight against the
devastating COVID-19 virus.

Today, the international Christian relief organisation airlifted more than 14 tons of critical relief supplies – including the specially outfitted 28-bed field hospital and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – on its DC-8 aircraft. The cargo plane also transported a team of Samaritan’s Purse doctors, nurses and key staff members.


In addition to providing added capacity, these medical personnel will partner with Nassau’s Princess Margaret Hospital and the Bahamian Ministry of Health to provide Infection Prevention and
Control (IPC) trainings for national healthcare workers, many of whom have been infected by the virus – further exacerbating the country’s need for medical assistance.

“Hospital staff are overwhelmed as the number of coronavirus patients continues increasing in the Bahamas,” said Dan Stephens, Disaster Response Manager of Samaritan’s Purse Australia. “Our teams are ready to respond at a moment’s notice in Jesus’s Name; we want to alleviate the burden on this
country and remind them that there is still hope.”


Interview Dan Stephens, disaster response manager Australia & New Zealand by contacting:
Nikita Kumar
Email: [email protected]
Mobile: 0434 319 722
Office: 1300 884 468

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