Chief Executive – Rhema Media NZ

Chief Executive – Rhema Media NZ

Are you an accomplished and professional leader with a great track record, who can approach this role through missional eyes?

About the Organisation:

Rhema Media is dedicated to spreading the gospel through multiple radio, TV and digital platforms. Established in 1966, it has become a cornerstone of Christian broadcasting in New Zealand. Rhema Media operates three radio stations (Rhema, Life FM, and Star) which caters to diverse audiences through uplifting music, inspirational messages, and thought-provoking discussions. Beyond radio, Rhema Media extends its reach through digital and TV platforms, podcasts, and community events, fostering connection and spiritual growth nationwide.

Committed to its mission of sharing hope and Christian faith, Rhema Media engages with contemporary issues, offering perspectives rooted in Christian values and through its programming, events, and online presence.

Rhema Media continues to impact lives, encouraging listeners to deepen their faith, find solace in times of struggle, and embrace the transformative power of God's love.

About the Role:

This role involves leading Rhema Media (with the Board), into a future that sets the platform today for the next 20 to 30 years in broadcasting. Just that first sentence alone will tell you a lot about the challenges, the need for leadership, and for knowledge of the broadcasting sector.

Rhema Media has a substantial history of fighting for the right to exist in New Zealand. They are working hard to maintain relevance in contemporary, bicultural and multicultural New Zealand, and in a rapidly changing environment of proliferating digital platforms.

With the skill sets they have, and the Commission given to them to fulfil, Rhema is in a great position to adapt, innovate, and be agile to remain relevant to the needs of Aotearoa’s Christian community.

This is what we need you for. We need the rudder and the anchor for the organisation in seas which are growing choppier in the media landscape.

About You:

  • You will be a person that looks at this role through missional eyes, as well as professional and commercial.
  • You will already be an accomplished leader and manager who has the track record and validated results to give us confidence in your credentials.
  • You will be a warm person with equally developed professional skills for a large staff body and experience over significant revenue and expenditure.  
  • You will be someone who is highly creative and deeply spiritual, great with a Board and our stakeholders and partners.
  • You will also be an excellent and clear communicator, confident in bicultural and multicultural New Zealand, and someone who can bring insight into maintaining audience participation and relevancy.

Our environment has legislative operating requirements and quite specific and technical aspects - from radio mast engineering to digital production. We need you to give us confidence over all these lenses of your leadership. Whilst the knowledge of the broadcasting environment is a definite advantage, the Board is willing to look outside of sector - though it will take an accomplished person to demonstrate that they can lead in a new sector.

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To find out more, please get in touch with David Hammond for a confidential chat on +64 27 4446368 or request a Position Description from

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