Business Manager - Alpha Australia

Business Manager - Alpha Australia

Alpha are looking for an experienced Business Manager, located in either Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane, to join their team full time.

Term: Permanent
Hours: Full Time
Reports to: National Director
Location: Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane
Salary: Competitive, negotiable

With a strong focus on future growth, financial efficiency, and process optimization, we are looking for an experienced Business Manager to join our team.

This position will be an integral member of the Alpha Australia Executive Team providing high level support as well as leadership and management of the operations and finance functions. With a foundation of faith, the successful candidate will have a strong background in Business and/or Financial Management, proven leadership capabilities, as well as a genuine desire to take Alpha Australia into the next season of growth.


  • A current State specific police Records Check
  • A current Working with Children Check
  • Chartered Accountant or Certified Practicing Accountant qualification preferred
  • Prior experience as a Business Manager, Finance Manager, Financial Controller, CFO
  • Demonstrated ability to manage time and be self-motivated
  • Demonstrated ability to work as an effective team member
  • Proficient written and verbal communication and presentation skills
  • Proficient IT skills
  • Ability to manage workload and deliver to deadline


  1. Strategic Planning
    - Develop and promote strategies that ensure the continued financial viability of the organisation.
    - Attend strategy meetings to discuss strategic planning in relation to the future directions and actively participate in contributing to reviews of current finance policies and procedures in an ongoing commitment to continuously improve the organisation’s operations.
    - Apply quality management and continuous improvement processes to all activities under direct control.
    - Liaise with the Executive Team on long-range financial planning and cash forecasting.
  2. Financial Management
    - Manage the finance and investment portfolios of Alpha Australia.
    - Oversee the management of accounting and payroll functions.
    - Monitor and manage existing financial expenditure and provide on-going assessment of the capacity to meet contractual/financial obligations.
    - Research, analyse and oversee the investment of funds.
    - Monitor and ensure funding commitments are provided according to agreements.
    - Assist and support the Executive Team in strategic planning for the Long- Term financial needs of the organisation.
    - Liaise and assist other departments to compile realistic budgets.
    - Oversee the preparation of budgets ensuring deadlines are met.
    - Liaise with departmental heads regarding budget preparation and accounting/financial matters pertinent to their areas of responsibility/activity.
    - Assist with information and recommendations in the grant application  process.
    - Recommend changes to strengthen internal controls related to financial management and financial records.
  3. Executive Team
    - Act as a member of the Executive Team.
    - Attend the Executive Team meetings.
    - Implement the decisions of the Executive Team.
    - Ensure the requests of the Executive Team are met in a timely, efficient and professional manner.
  4. Human Resources
    - Oversee and provide support to the Human Resources department ensuring contracts comply with the relevant awards and state legislation and that the responsibilities to staff are met on a timely basis.
    - Manage recruitment, selection and performance of personnel within reporting lines including the negotiation of duties and responsibilities of each role.
    - Maintain regular contact with direct reports and, where necessary, develop strategies for personal improvement.
    - Manage leave approvals for direct reports.
    - Ensure team meets Statutory Child Protection and Federal Police Clearance requirements.
    - Ensure a safe and equitable working environment by compliance to relevant industrial awards, agreements, legislative standards, Occupational Health and Safe (OHS) standards and general duty of care.
  5. Administration
    - Oversee the operational management of the Finance Team, ensuring that these are within the guidelines and missions established by the National Director.
    - Correspond with relevant internal and external stakeholders to promote greater and more effective coordination of services.
    - Oversee the development and implementation of Risk Management, OHS and risk management processes for the Finance Team, in accordance with the established Risk Framework.
  6. Governance
    - Ensure timely delivery of financial reports to the Board of Directors.
    - Provide analysis and recommendations to the Board of Directors on financial matters.
    - Coordinate Alpha Australia’s annual audit.
  7. Other
    - Any other duties as directed by the National Director commensurate with the scope of this position


If you are interested in applying, please send you CV and a cover letter through via email to

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