'Volta' Wins the Graham Wade Pilgrim Media Prize
'Volta' Wins the Graham Wade Pilgrim Media Prize

02 Jun 2019

Paul Nevison's Film highlights the power of the Gospel to restore a slave child to wholeness.

This film embodies a Mathew 25 approach to sharing the Gospel... ”as you do it unto the least of my brothers you do it to me"

$10,000 Prize Money to Reinvest into other Untold Stories

Thanks to the Pilgrim Foundation - the $10,000 Pilgrim Graham Wade Media Prize is awarded to outstanding media projects, which are promoting and/or communicating the Gospel. This award encompasses a broad scope of media projects (including but not restricted to): Films, Documentaries, Television (Series / Specials), Digital Media, and Traditional Media (Print and Radio).

The award looks to evaluate the overall media project as opposed to a single aspect, with consideration given to strategy, creative development, excellence in execution, market engagement and future potential.

The 2019 Finalists included:

Immunity - Aaron Harvey, Bulls+Arrows

Be That Ministry - Katie Thompson, ACCTV

Trust - Lyle and Lisa Carey, Enzyme Productions

Hillsong Christmas Spectacular - Josh Bonnett, Hillsong

Upper Room Media - Marc Eskander

Jesus the Game Changers Schools / Youth Edition - Jane Faase, Olive Tree Media

The Normal Christian Life - Nathaniel Oliveri

and the winner of the $10,000 Pilgrim Graham Wade Media Prize for 2019 was:

VOLTA by Paul Nevison

This film is about the transformative power of the gospel in action. A ripple effect that cascades from one believer moved to sponsor a child, which through practical love and compassion, rebuilds and restores the traumatic life of one young person.  Physical and spiritual restoration are a direct result of the one act of sponsorship that this film seeks to bring into focus.

The play write, Eugene Ionesco said that “over explanation separates us from astonishment”, and it’s this principle that guides the ethos of my storytelling.  We lead the audience some of the way, but ultimately trust them to join their own dots and discover the truth of the transformative nature of Christ’s message for themselves.  We witness the power of the Gospel to restore a slave child to wholeness, and challenge believer and non believer alike to ask what power is at work that can restore the seemingly hopeless?

Not only does this film highlight the uniqueness of the Gospel to restore and heal, but how we can enrich our personal faith journey by putting into action Christ’s command to care for the least of these...activating the faith of believers to look beyond ourselves and show Christ’s love by putting it into action.

This film has seen several thousand children sponsored so far, which represents individual children not only having their physical needs met, but having the chance to hear the good news and respond.

The film has resonated as much outside the walls of the church as within, with tens of thousands of views online which has anecdotally lead to individuals sponsoring children which has in turn led them to Jesus.  I am constantly surprised at how the Spirit can breathe on a film and use it in unexpected ways to see the Kingdom expanded and people reached.

Congratulations to Paul for this outstanding result!