Help Produce the Ramon Williams Documentary
Help Produce the Ramon Williams Documentary

23 Aug 2018

If you've read Christian media in the past 50 years, chances are you've seen Ramon’s photos.

The Christian media sector in Australia is being called upon to support a documentary which will honour the work on Ramon Williams.

Be a vital part of honouring a pioneer of Christian Media in Australia

Ramon is a pioneer of Christian Media in Australia and many of us benefit from his work today.  Ramon has covered news and events from a Christian perspective for Christian media for well over 50 years … long before Christian newspapers and magazines, Christian radio stations and newsletters were common place.

Organisations who have benefitted from Ramon’s work include the Bible Society, Australian Red Cross, Mission Australia, Wesley Mission, World Vision, Barnardos, WEC, Billy Graham Evangelical Association, 2CBA (now Hope103.2), Christian Democratic Party, Ambassadors for Christ, Haggai Institute and the list goes on.

Ramon was also influential in establishing the Australian Religious Press Association (ARPA) and supporting many ecumenical works in Australia.  He made a career out of ‘telling others what others are doing for the Lord.’

Three ways to get behind this documentary:

  1. Crowdfunding – offering a number of rewards for support:
  2. Sponsorship – providing promotional opportunities for organisations and a Tax Invoice
  3. Tax Deductible Support – providing an Australian tax deductible receipt for supporting this documentary

The documentary is accompanied by a social media campaign which has daily postings of Ramon’s photos taken throughout his career, Sneak Peek audio grabs of Ramon walking about his photos, examples of the way we will be producing the documentary and articles written and published on Ramon.

The documentary will combine Ramon’s photos with his first hand ‘behind the scenes’ accounts of his work.  Ramon will talk about his work, the growth of his ministry, his most memorable moments in Australia’s history and tell fireside stories of the people, places and organisations he covered.

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