Peter Tonna is a songwriter based in Sydney Australia and sees music as a universal language where meaningful and heartfelt songs can change lives.

Peter Tonna has a strong passion for writing songs that make a difference. Lyrics that inspire and uplift, songs that are a voice for the voiceless and songs that bring to light social issues and inspire social change. It's these type of songs that are at the heart of Po'ete - a catalogue including over 1500 written and co-written works in many genres.

Pete believes his calling is to write positive music and other creative content to inspire others in a time when media is saturated with darkness. He says that the biggest opportunities for making a difference in our nation with music can come from, "Writing real songs that people can identify with and can change their lives for the better, especially in relation to the many problems people face on a daily basis."

Pete is a songwriter not an artist. Preferring the background and not seeking publicly, rather letting his music speak for itself. He seeks opportunities to collaborate with like-minded artists and anyone creating broadcast/media content.

Learn more and contact Po-ete here

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