WIN a Copy of New Book Release: Advent for Kids

WIN a Copy of New Book Release: Advent for Kids

This new book invites children and families to go deeper into the story of Jesus’s birth for Christmas this year.

Advent for Kids is a discipleship tool that will take the whole family on a journey to discover who Jesus really is. In a world full of increasing busyness, consumerism and the ups and downs of life, this book offers families a chance to press pause and go on a journey of discovery from the manger to the cross and on to the soon return of Jesus as they discover the true meaning of Christmas and the gospel together.

Advent for Kids features readings adapted from 'Advent' by Nathan Brown —following the same day-by-day themes — as well as adding conversation starters and activity suggestions to engage the whole family.

I love the idea of a book that means that families can journey together through the Advent season,” says Karen Collum, a school chaplain and children’s author who worked with the original Advent book to adapt it for a new readership.

The stories are short and the whole devotional can be completed in 15 to 20 minutes each day but by claiming the moments together through the use of this book, you might create a new daily rhythm in your family that will transform your life and theirs and create a legacy that will rebound down to eternity.

I think our theology around the birth of Jesus should be simple and clear enough for children to be able to appreciate it. I found it a delight to work with Advent as a thoughtful but accessible springboard for creating this new book,” says Mrs Collum.

I wanted to imagine how the entire family could participate in using this book, but it also written in such a way that older children who are independent readers could work through it by themselves.

Mrs Collum says she gained a new appreciation for the story of Jesus’ birth while working on this project and this is something she is excited to share. “I learned that there is a depth and breadth to the story that is often overlooked in its usual telling each Christmas,” she reflects.

For interviews with the Author (beginning November 29), please contact Nic Honeyands at Adventist Media

About the Authors:

Karen Collum is a writer, teacher and school chaplain, based on the Gold Coast, Queensland. She has decades of experience working with children in both church and school settings. Karen is a storyteller at heart and is an award-winning, internationally published children’s author. Her books include When I Look at You, Fish Don’t Need Snorkels and Small and Big. When she is not spending time with her husband and four children, she is slowly working her way through a degree in theology.

Nathan Brown is a writer and book editor, based near Melbourne, Australia. He holds degrees in law, literature, English, writing, and theology and justice. Nathan is author or editor of 17 previous books, including Advent, Of Falafels and Following Jesus, For the Least of These, Why I Try to Believe, Do Justice and Nemesis Train (a novel). He continues to write regularly for publications around the world.

Click here to discover more about Advent for Kids.

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